Senate border funding

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The U.S. Senate Thursday signed off on $600-million in funding for border security programs.  Even though only two senators showed up for the vote.

"The urge for immigration reform can not be overstated 'cause it is so overdue.  The time for excuses is now over.  The time to get to work is now," says Sen. Charles Schumer.

Democrats Charles Schumer of New York and Maryland's Ben Cardin went through the procedural motions on the chamber floor this morning after republicans gave unanimous approval to the bill.

Arizona Senator John McCain and the 97 other senators skipped the vote.  Instead hitting the campaign trail here in Tucson.

"We have a long long way to go. Conspicuous by absence in this funding is the completion and refurb of the border fence. and also op streamline. op streamline is a very important program a disincentive for repeat crossers of our border. so we are glad it came about. we need a lot more," says Sen. John McCain.

The measure funds about 1500 Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs officials and adds more unmanned surveillance drones to help patrol the southwest border.

President Obama is expected to sign the bill tomorrow.