RTA and Tucson disagree over payments; Friday furlough day

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The Regional Transportation Authority and the City of Tucson continue fighting over money.

The RTA board voted to cut nearly $4-million in payments to the city. The money pays for expanded services of sun van and Sun Tran.

City of Tucson officials, however, have a different interpretation of how much they should receive from the RTA.

"For three years we thought we had it figured out, but all of a sudden now we've got to come back and renegotiate and they came up with a new number. And frankly, I'm concerned that it leaves us shortchanged," says Mayor Bob Walkup.

Walkup admits Sun Tran layoffs could happen if they don't receive the full funding from the RTA. He hopes for a compromise by the next RTA meeting September 30.


A reminder, Friday is another "Furlough Friday" for the City of Tucson.

Most municipal operations will be closed. That includes council offices, city hall business license office and all cashier locations, plus city court operations and Tucson Water.

The Reid Park Zoo and Tucson City Golf will stay open.