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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Judy Clinco, President and Founder, Caregiver Training Institute.

The Institute was established in Tucson ten years ago to provide training to students carefully screened for compassion and a desire to work with the ill, aged and disabled.  
Clinco says there is a 32% shortage of caregiver who work in nursing homes, assisted living communities, hospice and hospitals.  She says as some 80-million "baby boomers" retire, 70% of them will require some sort of caregiver in their lifetime.  She says the direct caregiver job catagory is the fastest growing in the country, according to the DOL. She says Arizona's Commerce Dept. reports that 50% more personal and home healthcare aides will be needed by 2016 alone.

Clinco says CGTI students receive 80 hours of training over and above what is required by the AZ State Board of Nursing.  She says students are taught technical skills and interpersonal skills to provide quality direct care.  She says tuition assistance is available to those who need it.  She says gifts and donations enable CGTI to provide nearly 200-thousdand dollars in tuition assitance annually.

Clinco says CGTI graduates earn, on average, 200% more than they were earning prior to entering the program.  She says a trained caregiver earns approximately 20-to-22-thousand dollars a year to start.  She says the 1,000 graduates of CGTI have thus put over 20-million dollars back into the Tucson economy each year.