Rock n Roll High School

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Its one thing to practice your musical instrument in your bedroom, but it's another to play in front of a live audience. A valley program is giving kids a chance to go to a real life school of rock.

For William Metzler, music is not only his passion, it's his life. He spends his days at Drum Lessons Arizona showing kids like Tyson and Ryan Sauer the endless possibilities of music.
“It's one thing to take a lesson and learn how to play your instrument, it's another thing to put your instruments together and play as a group,” Metzler said.

And kids get the chance to ‘play as a group’ thanks to the other program offered here called Rock n Roll High School.
“They can use the studio,” Jeff Farner said. “We can do some recording and the teachers can be here to instruct them and we will also get them performances around town.”

Farner, who owns Drum Lessons Arizona and his wife, came up with the program. They thought it was a perfect way to not only give kids an arena to play music, but also help them take the next step of getting up on stage to perform in front of a live audience.

“You’ve practiced hard. You've done all of the stuff. You've studied the songs. Now is the first step and we believe in you and we're going to put you out there,” Farner said.

“They're the reason we had our second gig, Tyson Sauer said. “They offered us up the chance even though we only had one song, it was still great.”

14-year-old Katie Grenert, who plays along side her brother Robert in a group called "No Longer Together”, believes Rock n Roll High School will help them get more exposure. They actually got a taste of showbiz back in 2008 when they opened up for Alice Cooper's "Christmas Pudding" show at the Dodge Theatre.
“With Rock and Roll High School, you will get somewhere if you practice and do everything that they have to offer, you will get to play in front of people,” Grenert said.

So whether you’re a beginning band or have experience the musical program is hoping to give anyone who wants it an opportunity to show off their skills and just maybe kick off some careers.

“It's a blast and I learn new things all the time,” Farner said. “And working with the kids is incredible to see them get out there, get it done and perform.”

If you would like to find out more information about Rock and Roll High School please visit Rock 'n' Roll High School AZ, Drum Lessons Arizona or No Longer Together.