KTTU "In Focus," Sunday, 9/12/10, 10:30 AM

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Caren Prather, volunteer coordinator, Pima Co. Off. of Emergency Mgmt. and Homeland Security, Karen Hauca, Public Educator, Golder Ranch Fire District, and Michael Carson, Public Information Coordinator, City of Tucson.

During September, the Federal Emergency Management Administration is asking citizens to accept their responsibilities as part of the country’s emergency preparedness and response effort. Locally, the Pima Co. Office of Emergency Mgmt. is coordinating the effort.

Prather says a 2007 survey showed only 40% of people in the U.S. had taken steps to become prepared.  She says a more recent survey in Pima County showed residents are even less prepared for such hazards as flooding, wildfires, loss of power, hazardous materials spills, gas leaks, house fires and so forth. 

Hauca says in 95% of emergencies, bystanders or victims themselves are the first to provide emergeys CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training allows citizens to properly respond to emergencies and disasters. Carson says Safety Alert GPC (Greater Pima County) is a relatively new system by which all residents in Pima County can receive information via telephone or e-mail about impending disasters that may affect them. 

Prather explains how to be prepared, with a kit, a plan, and having a means to receive information.