Bad Boy Boxing at Fort McDowell Casino

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Bad Boy Boxing will be at Fort McDowell Casino on Aug. 20.

"We bring in all the guys from Arizona to compete in a single-elimination tournament," explained Len Hayko of Bad Boy Boxing.

There are three one-minute rounds and eight boxers per weight class. There are generally about 26 fights in one night.

"If you lose you're out. If you win, you keep going," Hayko said.

"We call it semi-pro boxing because they do get paid if they win," Hayko continued. "But these guys cannot have any professional experience. You're getting guys who are construction workers, postal workers, accountants, and they just want to get in there and battle it out.

For those who have never been to a boxing match, it's the Bad Boy Boxing Tournament is a great introduction to the sport."

"It's non-stop. It's a lot of action, a lot of punching, a little bit of blood," Hayko said.

Tickets start at $15.

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