Arizona businesses cashing in on trade to save money

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PHOENIX - “It’s like barter on steroids,” says Bryan Moody , a trade broker with Tradesource in Mesa.  And a lot of small business owners 3 On Your Side talked to agree.   

“It’s huge because the economy is so down,” said Deirdre Morhet, MBA and owner of Basic Expertise. 
Morhet, who does payroll and accounting for other small businesses, said she trades her services for all kinds of things like dance and acting class for her kids at Premiere Performing Arts Academy and visits to Mesa Pediatrician Dr. Louis Iorio.
Dr. Iorio said at a time when so many people are without health insurance, trade is a good option.
“Not only has it allowed us to see patients who wouldn’t otherwise come to us,” he told us when we visited his East Valley practice, “but it helps people who are without health insurance. And that’s a big deal.” 
Bryan Moody said it’s not hard to figure out why the trade business here in Arizona is booming. 
“In today’s economic climate, people are looking for ways to save cash and increase cash flow.” Moody said.
Moody said they have over 900 local companies that come together to trade services. They hope to more than double that number in the coming months as more and more small businesses look for ways to cut costs.
The concept is pretty simple; they figure out how much your services are worth and give you credit to trade.
Morhet said it's worked so well for her, she's been able to add staff. 
“Trade is another currency we can use,” she says, “Trade is what’s going to allow small businesses to hire more individuals. I think trade is going to bring jobs to Arizona. I really think that is not a stretch.”
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