Man who tried to sell car after killing bicyclist sentenced

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PHOENIX – A man who tried to get rid of his car after being involved in a fatal hit and run has learned his fate Tuesday.

Timothy Kissida plead guilty to hitting and killing a man with his car then trying to trade it off under the Cash for Clunkers program.

He was asking for the minimum term which was seven years in prison plus seven years on probation but was sentenced to 10.5 years behind bars and three years of probation.

Kissida had already plead guilty to manslaughter for hitting and killing Charles Waldrop as the 52-year-old rode his bike near Cave Creek and Mountain Gate Pass Roads at around midnight on August 8, 2009.

Kissida’s defense attorney Michael Baker said, “The defendant admitted he was driving fast on a dark road and was looking at the lights ahead when he hit something in the road. It ended up being the victim on a bicycle who later died. He believes he knew what he hit but at the same time he did not want to believe it and so he continued home."

Instead of stopping to help, investigators say Kissida fled and the very same day turned in his car to the Cash for Clunkers program claiming the damage was from hitting a javelina.

Kissida addressed the judge saying, “Your honor, words cannot express how terribly sorry I am for this tragic loss. I never imagined a human life would be lost as a result of my negligent actions."

Kissida's attorney argued he was only 23 when it happened and it was his first offense.

His father also spoke to the judge in his defense. Michael Kissida said, “He's a good boy, a good young man. It's always important to a father. He's a good soul."

The judge sentenced him to 3.5 more years in prison than he was asking. The defendant was asking for less prison time because he told the judge that when he gets out of jail he wants to move back to New Jersey, continue his education and become a beneficial member of society.