Judge rules Mesa high students' suspensions over underage drinking will stand

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MESA - A group of Mesa teens went on a school band trip to China, got caught drinking and were suspended.

But instead of just taking their five day suspension, their parents went to court saying their kids didn't get a fair hearing.

On Monday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kraemer denied the parents request to put a temporary hold on the suspension, saying ultimately,  it's not the courts job to act as quote a backseat driver to the schools.

In June the Dobson High School band traveled to China to perform at the World Expo in Shanghai, but in addition to sightseeing and playing music there was also some partying.

Principal Matt Gherman had the students write letters giving their side, and then suspended each of them for five days, the standard discipline for students caught drinking at a school-related function.

Here's where it gets hairy because the kids claim they got the booze from the tour guide, prompting the parents to accuse the school district of putting the students in danger, and failing to provide proper supervision.

But the judge is allowing the suspension to go ahead, saying the students broke a rule and admitted to it.