Two Phoenix sisters youngest to make it to water ski nationals competition

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PHOENIX - Ask three-year-old Kimberly Westover why she likes to water ski and you get an easy answer, "because" and when you are three-years-old, because is all the reason you need to hit the water.

But it turns out Kimberly  doesn't just like to water ski, she's good at it, really good. She's only been at it for four months and she is already headed for the Goode Water Ski Nationals, the youngest ever to qualify.

She got there by coming in second in regionals, losing out to none other than her six-year-old sister Katelyn.

Mom Jennifer said it really is a family affair.

"They like to coach each other, she said. "And tell, bend you knees, keep your shoulder up. So it's really good interaction they have with their skiing. They don't really challenge each other, they want each other to ski their best."

It doesn't hurt that mom is a water ski champion herself, who always took the girls to the lake with her.

"They got tired of watching me ski when they got old enough and they wanted to ski," Jennifer said.

The youngsters compete in the Girls 1 Division and took those regional honors in trick competition.

"You have two 20 second passes so you have one pass and you try to do as many flips and turns as you can in that 20 second and they get scored. Then you come back and it is usually with your foot in the tow and you do as many turns and 360's as you can in that 20 seconds," Jennifer said. "All with a lingo as challenging as the tricks themselves, although Katelyn has it down."

Wake back, wake front, side to side.

And while fun is what got the girls in the water, Katelyn said something else keeps them in. 

"You get trophies at the tournament and one of the tournaments has dancing at it," she said.

And when you are three and six, what could be better then medals, trophies and a dance.