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While shopping for my bra column last week, I noticed a lot of interesting contraptions made to mend all kinds of potential beauty emergencies.  If you sweat too much under your arms, there are pads for that.  Perhaps your bust is a bit bigger than usual due to temporary weight gain, but you don’t want to spend cash on a new bra.  They make bra extenders for that.  Got straps that won't stay put during your big presentation?  They make emergency tape for that one, too. 

Most of these products are created by women who know the trials we gals go through!  So, I thought it would be fun to give these inventions some attention.  The best part is that some of these fashion fixers can save you money by providing a quick fix instead of having to buy a new bra or pair of shoes.  Read on and together we will break into the packaging of these interesting ideas to see if they truly save the day and fix our fashion faux pas!

Recommended By In Style Magazine:  Stay Put Fashion Tape
In a recent issue of In Style Magazine, under the Shop It! section, Stay Put double sided fashion tape by Pure Style Girlfriends is featured.  To prevent bothersome bra straps from playing peek-a-boo under your favorite blouse or to keep your buttons on your shirt closed, this stuff is a lifesaver.  I found it to work quite well, so now I keep a few strips in my purse right next to the band aid strips that I keep on hand for my kids.  I have found that having a fashion first aid kit has saved the day more than once!  Get these at or The Purple Skirt in Ahwatukee where they sell for $12.99 for a box of 36 strips.
Temporary Bust Change Without the New Bra Expense
Most of us gals have experienced temporary weight gain from factors that include pregnancy or other hormonal changes.  And that affects our breasts, too.  If you can't afford a new bra right now, which is true for a lot of us, then consider trying the Fashion Forms Soft Back Bra Extenders.  Sold at Victoria's Secret for $12, you get a box with six extenders that come in black, white and nude to accommodate all of your bras.  I do recommend having a free fitting at Nordstrom through the years, but if you know that your increase in size is truly temporary, then the $12 bra extenders may save you a few bucks while going through this transitional time. 

Another Money Saving Bra Idea
Last week I showed several different bra styles, but if you budget doesn't currently allow for a new bra, then check out Fashion Forms Strap Solutions.  Shaped like a little heart, this contraption is sort of a paper clip for your bra turning your basic brassiere into a criss-cross or racer back style in an instant.  I tried one on and found that the product turned my bra into several different styles that concealed my strap and gave my bust a little lift to boot.  Victoria's Secret sells the 3-pack item for $12 and they come in black, nude and clear to match your different bra colors.  I have also seen a similar product at the drug stores called Strap Perfect that sells for only $9.99 and you get six pairs plus the product includes some of that magical fashion tape that I mentioned earlier.  Even better for your bras and for your budget. 

Braless Bra Invention
I must admit that trying this next one was a bit intimidating for me, especially when I saw the name.  Endless Stretch Breast Petals are stick-ons for guess where?  Yep, this pair of little rose petal shaped tape goes smack dab on the middle of your breast, right over the nipple.  That sounded a bit painful to me, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is painless to attach and thankfully, to take off. 

Made by Fashion Forms, it was a bit unsettling to read the warning label on the back of the package.  It warns of side effects from wearing the petals since they are made of 82% silicone and a 18% cotton middle.  Irritation may occur and the petals should not be worn more than 4 to 6 hours at a time.  In addition to the concern that I had over the potential side effects, I found the petals to give me the coverage I desired, but not the support.  Touted as the endless shaping breast petal, instead it gave me just a little shape and a lot of worry, so I recommend taking a pass on this one.  If you decide that you want to give it a try, the package sells for $12 and the petals can be worn up to six times.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Fashion Saver
I have never been a sweater, in fact gym trainers have been concerned that I don't sweat enough!  So, when I found myself a little steamy under my favorite silk blouse under the studio lights one day, I spent the rest of my segment a little self-conscious and I kept my arms down.  They make a product for that!  Haute Stuff ultra-thin disposable liners have you covered under your arms for unexpected sweat.  For $18, you get a box of 16 adhesive liners that can be worn under sheer silk tops or your super thick turtleneck sweater in the cold winter months.  In addition to saving you a little embarrassment, you will save at the drycleaners by not having to go as often.  And this product prevents those yellow stains that are so unsightly.  Get these at The Purple Skirt in Ahwatukee or at

Similar To Spanx, But Less
For all of you Spanx addicts, and there are a lot of us, I have found a similar product that will cost you less.  L'eggs Profiles sell a waist smoother/mid-thigh shaper that is like Spanx, but won't break your budget.  Compared to $32 for the Spanx power panties, L'eggs shape panty sells for only $7.99, a huge difference in price.  But does L'eggs suck and tuck you in as well as Spanx?  I think so and even if Spanx are better quality, the huge difference in price may be worth the small sacrifice.  So for now, I say yes to L'eggs for less and they are sold at your neighborhood drug store.

Help For High Heels
I can't finish a fashion quick fix piece without help for our high heels!  So, I was pleased to find a brand at Target and at The Purple Skirt for those of us who love our sexy shoes on a fun night out, but hate how our feet feel the next day.  Foot Petals comes to the rescue with several products that are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.  Two that I like are the Strappy Strips and the Heavenly Heelz.  For those sexy sling backs or slip on heels, Strappy Strips comes in packages of eight thin strips that attach to your shoe's straps to prevent blisters and add comfort.  Each strip is tiny enough to be invisible and can be cut down to customize.  For your power pump, Heavenly Heelz stick to the back of your shoe to add cushion and prevent slipping.  Both sell for $6.95 and both passed my test.  You can get more information about this shoe-saving line at

So from head to toe, there are plenty of fashion fixers out there to save the day.  One thing I learned as I tested each unique item is to read the package and the directions so that you understand any potential risks like with the breast petals.  As with most quick fixes, you do have to remember that a quick fix won't always solve a long-term beauty problem, but I think I was lucky to test some pretty good ones this time around.  I also enjoy featuring inventions made by women for women.  You just gotta love those gals who turn a fashion dilemma into a divine idea that keeps our beauty and life on a budget!