Spending activists visit Tucson; Fatal accident on Tucson's east side

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A bus full of activists against government spending stopped in Tucson Sunday.

They rolled by the good egg restaurant near oracle and river in what they call the spending revolt bus. The group says the federal government spends more than a $100,000 every second and they want citizens to take a stand against this.

"We want this election to be all about spending we want everybody who's running for office and everybody who's trying to stay in office to understand that the people in America are very concerned about what we're doing to our children and our grandchildren," says Tom Jenney of Americans for Prosperity.

The group arrived from San Diego Sunday morning. It's next stop is Las Vegas.


A woman hit and killed at the intersection of Broadway and Pantano Saturday did nothing to cause the crash, according to police.

52-year-old Camille Visconti drove through a green light as she traveled south on Pantano passed Broadway. The woman who hit her, who police haven't identified, ran a red light. Police have cited that woman. They don't think alcohol was a factor.