Tucson's 7-day bus strike ends

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A Sun Tran spokesperson has announced the end of the bus strike and says regular bus service will resume on Monday, August 9.  Sun Tran and the Teamsters Union have agreed to a new two-year deal.  Union members voted 250 to 76 in favor of the contract.

According to a media release issued by Sun Tran, General Manager, Katrina Heineking, and the head of Teamsters Union Local 104, Andy Marshall, expressed appreciation and relief and extended sincere gratitude to the public for their patience during the seven day strike. 

The new contract includes the following:

  • Teamsters bargaining unit employees to receive no wage increases
  • Teamsters bargaining unit employees health and welfare costs to be covered through end of contract
  • Sun Tran and Union representatives to re-enter negotiations in the event of bargaining unit layoffs

Sun Tran had been offering limited weekday service only to riders since the strike began on Monday.  The labor dispute caused friction between the City of Tucson and the Regional Transportation Authority, who was asked on Wednesday by the Teamsters Union to help with negotiations.  The RTA voted on Friday to stay out of negotiations.  Teamsters Union members met late Friday night and reached a tentative agreement with Sun Tran.  The two agencies announced at 5:01 p.m. today they had come to an official agreement.