WA teens return cash lost five years ago

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

In 2005, Alanna Jensen lost her wallet while attending a party near her hometown in Washington state.  The Coach® wallet was a Christmas gift from her parents and it contained $650 cash from a recently-cashed paycheck.  After spending hours looking for the wallet, Jensen eventually gave up and wrote off the loss

Fast forward to March, 2009:  the parents of 15-year-old Nick Gorman bought a comfy blue couch for their family room after finding it for sale on Craigslist.

Now fast forward to August, 2010:  16-year-old Jack Wagster lost his cell phone while visiting his friend Nick Gorman.  The two boys were digging through the Gorman family’s blue couch in search of Wagner’s lost phone when they discovered a wallet.  The Coach® wallet contained $650 cash and an expired driver’s license belonging to Alanna Jensen.

After considering all of the things they could do with $650, the boys decided that tracking down the wallet’s owner was the right thing to do, so they turned to their parents for some help.

Wagster’s mother thought they might be able to locate Jensen on Facebook.  A quick search turned up 12 Facebook members with the name Alanna Jensen, but the one from Tempe, Arizona listed Bellevue, Washington as her hometown.  

Alanna Jensen was shocked when she received a Facebook message from a stranger in Washington telling her the story of the found wallet.  

Jensen arranged for her mother, who still lives in Washington to retrieve the wallet and provide the boys with a reward.