Brewer special session; Border spending bill; Back-to-school clinics

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is calling lawmakers into a special session to fix a ballot measure targeting unions.

The Arizona Supreme Court calls the measure in its current form unconstitutional because it asked more than one question.

The issues involve whether to require secret ballots for public elections and for workings voting whether to organize as part of a labor union.


The U.S. Senate has approved $600M for border security. That's less than the $701M the House passed last week.

The Senate's bill would use the money for 1500 new agents, and for aerial drones for border surveilance.

The House could consider the senate's bill next tuesday when it will convene to pass the jobs bill.


To help students get ready for the school year, Pima County Health Department held their annual back-to-school immunization clinics.

Things started at 1:00 Thursday afternoon, but folks lined up early. This is the first time the health department is holding the clinics at three different locations.

"We thought we would try it this year and actually its a service to the community. Hoping that being spread out in the community, it would be easier for people to access us," said Office Manager Donna Belcher.

"According to the school's that's what they want so this is free from what i hear or cheaper so we decided to bring them over here instead of going to the doctor," said Parent Steve Sanchez.

Click here for a list of times, dates and locations of the immunization clinics.