Would-be riders continue to struggle with reduced bus service

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While the city and the RTA battle it out, thousands of Tucsonans are without bus service as the Teamsters strike against Sun Tran ends its fourth day. And already it's causing a ripple effect of problems across the city. Especially for everyday riders.

They say good things come to those who wait... Tell that to Salil Cook, "I've been out here for 45 minutes."

Cook waited... And waited... And waited some more for a bus nowhere in sight on East Speedway.

"This is not a city that this should be going on in," said Cook.

Day four of the Sun Tran strike was already causing massive problems for residents looking to get across town, get to work or even look for work.

"Its hard to look for jobs, its definitely hard to look for jobs now," said Cook.

With few options right now for riders.

"We had people at our office here on prince road early this morning who were needing cabs," said Mike Siglar.

Other transit companies in town are trying to offer some kind of relief, "We've added additional drivers and cars into the fleet to be able to satisfy the demand with buses not operating in a city with a million people."

Right now, VIP Taxi is offering anyone with a bus pass $2 off any ride, and they're already seeing an increase in ridership thanks to the strike.  "About a 35% increase this morning alone," said Siglar.

One person sweating it out is Salil, "It's hard to say how annoying it is without using a few cuss words."

But his patience is 'wearing thin...'