Review: USBCELL rechargeable batteries, yea or nay?

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We all know the story. You’re using your favorite gadget and the batteries die. Now the fun begins, when you search your house high and low for two batteries that work. This is when you realize you have a drawer full of run down batteries that you didn’t throw away. Enter Moixa Energy, and the solution for the moment when your battery’s get up and go – has got up and gone.  

Introducing USBCELL, AA batteries that recharge in your computer’s USB port. These batteries charge in five hours from USB ports on computers, laptops or game devices. They even have LED indicator lights to let you know when they’re charging and when they’re ready.
I used a set of these wonder batteries over the weekend in my gadget of choice: the video camera I carry in my purse at all times for those “I’m posting this on Facebook” moments.
I’ll admit, before opening the package, I was pretty much sold as I’m notorious for losing chargers and these batteries don’t require one. I popped the tops (which, by the way, are attached), plugged them into my computer and five hours later I was recording my friend's attempt to roller skate. (Yes, I just said that.) As you can imagine, I used my camera a lot that night and those batteries, well, they kept going and going and going. I have yet to run them down, but when I do, I’ll charge them up again and enjoy the fact that I won’t be playing hunt-and-seek around my apartment or going to the store for batteries anytime soon. 
To be fair, I should mention that 1300 mAh is the power measurement of the USBCELL batteries.  Now, I’m told my digital camera batteries are 2000 mAh each, so I guess the USBCELL provides less energy than other batteries, but that’s still more energy than I have on a Monday morning and they worked for me just fine.
The only drawback to these little energy wonders that I noticed, is that their shape prevented me from charging them in my computer’s side-by-side USB ports. I had to plug one in the front of my desktop and then turn my computer around to plug the other battery in.  
USBCELL currently only offers AA batteries, with AAA and D batteries to be released at a later date.  A two-pack of AA batteries retails for $17.99 and are available at Best Buy and online at