Interview with parents of girl killed while riding bike in Phoenix

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PHOENIX - A girl was killed after being struck by a car on Thursday night.

Police say a 11-year-old girl was riding her bicycle home on a crosswalk with a friend when she was struck at about 7:30 p.m. Her friend was not hit.

The driver is a woman in her 80s who was reportedly making a left-hand turn onto Union Hills from 15th Avenue when she struck the girl. Police are calling the incident a tragic accident.

Witness Carrie Boyum tells 3TV, "I started crying over there because I have two children and I don't know them but I know what it would feel like for the parents and then just the fact that they were trying to get her out, even though she was gone."

3TV has learned the girl was trapped under the woman's minivan. The driver remained on the scene and was questioned by police.

Investigators are trying to determine who had the right of way in this case. The intersection remained closed for several blocks while police investigated.