Arrest video; Flag desecration video; 1070 reducing tourism; Deadly border crossing; Arpaio lawsuit

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A video is making the rounds on the Internet, firing up immigration activists.

They claim it shows Tucson police officers enforcing SB 1070 even though a judge blocked most of the immigration law.

TPD wants to clear up the facts and let people know they've always had the ability to investigate a person's identity if they have no ID, and call border patrol if necessary.

The difference is SB 1070 would have taken away discretion and required officers to check immigration status every time there is reasonable suspicion.

Police Chief Roberto Villasenor believes some people want to set up officers, "That's what we warned officers, being videotaped. The officers did everything appropriately in this instance."

Villasenor says the woman detained on the video only had an expired Mexican passport and Mexican drivers' license. She opted to speak to an attorney once Border Patrol arrived so they had to detain her.


New video has surfaced, showing immigrants-rights activists desecrating the U.S. flag during protests in Phoenix.

Take a look, as the national anthem was being performed at the state capitol. This YouTube video appears to show activists from California.

Displaying writing on both the U.S. Flag and the Arizona flag. They include phrases like "Impeach brewer" and "Deport Arpaio."


Arizona's new immigration law will cost the state millions - that's according to the Arizona hotel and lodging association.

The organization estimates, The state has lost 40 conventions and $15M so far.

But there is a bright spot.  Hotel bookings are up from 2009.  Officials report tourism brings a total of $2.4B into Arizona's economy every year.


July was a particularly deadly month for illegal immigrants crossing the Arizona border.

The Pima County Medical Examiner says he handled the bodies of 59 suspected illegals who tried to cross the desert.  He was forced to bring in an extra refrigerated trailer to house some of the bodies.

That's the highest number of bodies since July of 2005 when 69 deaths were recorded.


The U.S. Justice Department has given the Maricopa County Sheriff's department a deadline to turn over documents.

MCSD has been under investigation by the federal government since march of last year.

For alleged discrimination and unconstitutional searches and seizures.

Now the feds say Sheriff Joe Arpaio has until August 17 to hand over the documents requested a year ago.