Deportation severs Tucson family

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Her circumstances are not a result of SB 1070, but Marlen Moreno was hoping the Dream Act would keep her in America. The bill, however is deadlocked in Congress and she's being deported on Sunday.

"What kind of a society are we?"

The question on many people's minds as they gathered inside the Southside Presbyterian Church in support of Marlen Moreno.

"I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart," says Moreno.

Marlen's case has struck a cord with this community. The mother of two will return to Mexico this weekend.

Moreno explains, "I don't want to go back. I want to be with my kids and my husband, they're citizens."  And she is not.

After she was discovered using a false social security number to work, her fate was sent to the courts. They ruled against her staying in America.

"A week ago I received the judges letter and that his final decision was I have to leave the country by August 8," says Moreno.

Members of the community spoke out in support of her staying in this country, where the 26-year-old has lived in for the last 13 years.

"The destruction of this family is called a sin from everyone's perspective."

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the government itself to act in a graceful way."

But her lawyer says the chances of that are slim. A request to keep her here was denied.

"Leaving on Sunday, will it be hard, will it be difficult. Oh yes, I don't know what will happen. It's going to be emotional, its gonna be too much," says Moreno.

She says she'll move down to Sonora where her husband has family. Her kids will be going with her and her husband will stay behind in the states where he is eligible to become a U.S. citizen in January.