TUSD Ethnic Studies battle continues

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Arizona schools chief Tom Horne is demanding the Tucson Unified School District videotape it's ethnic studies classes. The reason, to prove the district is teaching hate towards certain races. TUSD is saying, 'not so fast.'

Arizona state schools superintendent tom Horne says the department of education will supply the cameras and the personnel to record and review ethnic studies classes held within the Tucson unified school district. The question now: Will TUSD comply?

"If they do that it will give an administrative law judge some evidence as to what's happening in the courses if they refuse we would intend to make that evidence to the administrative law judge that TUSD is in violation and they're attempting to hide the evidence."

In a letter to the TUSD acting superintendent, Horne says he cited statements from teachers showing the curriculum encourages resentment towards certain races, "They are telling students they are victims and they should be angry and rise up."

"I'm a product of ethnic studies courses and I would be one of the first board members to cry out foul if there was something wrong," Miguel Cuevas Clerk of the TUSD governing board, attended the press conference. Cuevas says he makes unannounced visits to ethnic studies classes and, so far, has found no problems.

"We've already invited Mr. Horne numerous of times and you all know that Mr. Horne has not visited these classes and he continues to provide excuses that are unacceptable," says Cuevas.

"I've declined to sit in a specific class because I felt that my presence would influence what happened in the class, that they would make it innocuous and then I'd be asked what did you see and then I'd have to say what I saw was innocuous," says Horne.

Cuevas says cameras will be allowed in classrooms only if the teachers do not object.

The law banning ethnic studies takes effect January 2011.