House of Seven Giggles

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I told them I had two movies to screen.  Read them a re-cap of each and told them to pick which one they wanted to watch.  It was Saturday night at my house and I was treating my friends to dinner and a horror movie.  Well they agreed that the descriptions for Japanese surreal thriller “House” and missing children documentary “Cropsey” both sounded good.  But would “House” be subtitled?  That would be the deciding factor as they didn’t want to work so hard.  I said I didn’t know but suspected it was.  So we decided to pop “House’ into the DVR and check it out.  If it was subtitled we’d switch to “Cropsey.”

Well sure enough it was subtitled.  But after 5 minutes it was clear to all of us that “House” wasn’t going anywhere until we saw the end credits roll!

The story of Gorgeous, her friend Fantasy and five other giggly Japanese high school girls is just about the most surreal and hysterically bad horror film you will ever see.  The synopsis I read described it as an Asian version of a Dario Argento psychedelic horror fest and I couldn’t agree more.

When Gorgeous’ father decides to remarry, Gorgeous and her friends go to visit her deceased mother’s sister in a neighboring village.  The wheel chair ridden aunt is kind but mysteriously absent most of the time.  Then one by one, the girls begin to disappear, as someone or something begins to devour them!

Director Nobuhiko Obayashi and his creative team throw everything they’ve got into this graphic tale.  But cheesy effects and candy colors elicit screams of laughter not screams of horror.  And more than one scene will leave you shaking your head and questioning what you just saw.

“House” is bad but it’s endlessly entertaining.  If you like bad horror, don’t pass up a chance to sample this tasty little dim sum.  And don’t worry about the subtitles.  They did not get in the way of a great night of fun for me and my friends!

“House” captures 3 Red Vines for being a great bad movie


A preview of this movie was provided to me by the studio but it in no way affects my unbiased review.