Mercosur trade bloc condemns Arizona immigrant law

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) -- Arizona's immigration law is being condemned abroad again, this time by South America's Mercosur trade bloc.

Member nations say in a joint resolution that the law exposes migrants to racism, xenophobia, violence and other violations of their rights.

Mercosur has moved to reduce barriers to the free flow of people across its borders. A simple identity card entitles citizens and residents of Mercosur countries to travel, work and live in much of South America without fear of deportation.

At a summit Tuesday, the group urged the U.S. and other developed countries to ratify a 1990 U.N. convention promoting the rights of people who migrate in search of work.

A similar condemnation came from the wider Unasur group of South American nations, which declared in May that the Arizona law legitimizes "racist attitudes" that increase the risk of violence against their citizens.

Organization of the American States Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza has called the law "an issue of concern to all citizens of the Americas," and United Nations human rights experts issued a statement saying the law violates international standards that the U.S. has agreed to.

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