Two Valley people chase their dream careers

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PHOENIX - It's never too late to reinvent yourself as evidenced by two Valley people who made the choice to chase after their dream careers.

Gregory Hague is a lawyer at Stinson Morrison Hecker in Phoenix. A job he just got after making a career change at the age of 61.
“It's not the way I wanted to end my life and I just felt like I always wanted to practice law,” Hague said.

Hague, who has a successful real estate firm here in the Valley, has always had a passion to be a lawyer. He passed the bar in Ohio more than 35 years ago, but took a minor detour to run the family business after his father got sick.

“I said to Roseann [Hague’s wife] I’m going to study for the bar exam and I’m going to become a lawyer in Arizona," he said.

With his mind made up and the support of family, Hague put his life on a hold to prepare for the Arizona bar exam.

“I woke up at 8am every morning.” Hague said.  “I studied till midnight every night. We counted it up and I went out to dinner three times and two movies in six months.”

Not only did all that studying pay off, but Hague got the highest score back in February.

“The feeling of elation, well I don't know if there's been anything like it in my life, maybe when we had the children,” Hague said.

Now a working lawyer, Hague's colleagues don't look at his age as something that's a bad thing but a good thing.

“It's not just a lot of experience, but a lot of energy, a lot of wisdom and a lot of ideas and that's what Greg Hague is,” lawyer Michael Manning said.

Hague isn't the only one who followed his dreams, Valley entrepreneur Aida Cochran did too. She made a career change when the economy forced her to take a different direction.
“My love of culinary arts has been with me since I was a young girl,” Cochran said. “So I decided if I believed in something, if I believed in myself that I could make something special.”

Cochran created a local specialty food design company called Satiabilady two years ago.
“My product line consists of three habanero marmalades and the base product is habanero chilies and bell pepper,” she continued.

Cochran’s new career path also paid off. Her products can be found in places like D'ilicous Dishes...Healthy Habit Health Foods and Whole Foods Market.

“For decades I thought I missed my calling by not going to culinary school and here I am,” Cochran said.

A calling to do whatever you want in life that both Cochran and Hague said people should go for, regardless of age. 

“It's just like a dream come true,” Hague said.  “I mean people say that, but it really is and I love it.”