911 Calls flood local dispatch moments after Tucson chopper crash

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Newly released 911 tapes paint a picture of chaos and confusion moments after a medical helicopter went down. It's one of the worst tragedies to happen in Tucson in a long time.

Dispatcher: 911 what is your emergency?
Caller: Oh my god, something just crashed and it's burning up!

A flurry of panicked calls flooded the local dispatch center Wednesday, after a medical helicopter crashed in midtown Tucson. The accident claimed the lives of pilot Alex Kelly, paramedic Brenda French, and nurse Parker Summons.

Yeah I just saw a helicopter in the middle of the air and it just spinned out of control and crashed now there's flames everywhere.

I was standing on my porch and I saw an airplane crash.

Some callers were frantic.

Caller: Please hurry!
Dispatcher: They're on the way ma'am.
Caller: Oh my god, please hurry!

And others were not certain of what they saw.

Um, there's a big fire it's dark black smoke it appears to be a house fire I don't know the exact address.

As those crucial minutes passed, dispatchers tried to gather as many details as possible.

Dispatcher: Do you see anything on injuries?
Caller: No, I'm too far away to see anything like that. There's just still loads of black smoke.

Dispatcher: OK, do you know what kind of helicopter it was? Was it a military helicopter or a different kind?

Dispatchers received nearly 60 calls in the moments following the crash.