Phoenix worker rescued after falling into water tank

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PHOENIX - A Phoenix worker rescued from a tight spot after he fell into a water tank and couldn't get out.

The incident happened Friday afternoon near 91st Avenue and Southern Avenue.

The rescue effort happened above a 25-foot-deep water treatment tank after a worker on a ladder doing maintenance inside tumbled to the bottom.

The tank which stores hazardous chemicals like bleach was drained at the time.

“We have a medical emergency, hazardous material and then also a technical component,” Tony Mure with the Phoenix Fire Department said.

The technical component was bringing dozens of fire crews and first responders to the City of Phoenix water treatment plant in Tolleson.

The challenge was no small feat because the water tank was 15 feet wide but has a much smaller opening at the top.

Several rescue technicians had to make their way down to the bottom which took 45 minutes later.

The 40 year-old man emerged with only minor injuries.

“We're very, very fortunate; this is a situation where across the country we've had firefighters die in this situation trying to rescue somebody,” Mure said.