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Thursday, October 21, 2010
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Fennemore Craig
Arizona's "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act," known as SB1070, is due to be implemented this month granting expanded investigation powers to police and enabling arrest based on an officer's reasonable suspicion that an individual is in Arizona illegally. Fear of racial profiling is substantial as law enforcement defines how it will exercise "reasonable suspicion" following "lawful contact."
The difficulty for business is obvious; employers are the "front line" for determining work authorization status. They must be responsive to new layers of enforcement that are focused on immigration and they must avoid discrimination based on national origin or citizenship status. The issues are complex, dynamic, and controversial.
Arizona employers will need to protect the continuity of their workforce and staffing levels by mitigating the chance that employees could become incarcerated under this new law. Consult with legal counsel and follow this advice:
Organize and audit your company's I-9 and E-Verify processes to ensure that your employment verification process is well managed. Employers who are found to employ undocumented individuals could face criminal and civil liabilities.
Properly train your company's first line receptionist how to respond to calls and visits from ICE or local law enforcement asking immigration related questions.
No employee should be interviewed alone by ICE or by a police officer. Any enforcement visit should include a warrant or ICE Notice of Inspection which should be immediately and carefully reviewed by an attorney.
Advise employees to carry proper government identification with them at all times such as a valid driver's license or social security card.
Employees who are in the U.S. on work status should have their immigration document evidencing status and work authorization at all times. The law requires that the original documents, not copies, be presented upon request.
Employers may be prosecuted for violations of state and federal statutes unrelated to the employer sanctions provisions. For example, the deliberate hire of persons illegally in the U.S. may violate federal employment statutes, criminal anti-smuggling or harboring provisions and trigger investigation for non-payment of employment taxes and criminal fraud. State statutes like Arizona's Employer Sanctions Law are the most fearsome, with penalties including the loss of business licenses.
The system for verification of employment eligibility is far from perfect, but the penalties for non-compliance by employers can be substantial. Immigration Reform Control Act (IRCA) penalties include fines ranging from $250 to $10,000 per unauthorized employee and imprisonment of up to six months or both.
To better ensure that employees are IRCA work authorized, there are some well-recognized tools:
The best is USCIS' E-Verify program. Required in Arizona by the Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA,) E-Verify is simple and reliable. It requires that the user sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and it may only be used for new hires, with a few exceptions for designated federal contractors.
The Social Security Administration's Enumeration Verification Service [EVS] can be used to verify social security numbers, another method to ensure, at a minimum, that the employee's SSN matches with his or her name and gender.  Information on verification of SSNs is available on-line, at 800-772-6270 or <>. This is a simple, free method not requiring a Memorandum of Understanding and can be used to check small numbers of names, or if registered with SSA, groups of more than 50 names. 
As Congress debates comprehensive immigration reform and SB1070 is tested in court, one thing is clear -federal and state governments are making employers the gatekeepers of legal status. Businesses that thoroughly educate all employees about the implications for each individual, their department and the workplace as a whole will remain a step ahead.
Nancy-Jo Merritt is an attorney with Fennemore Craig and practices solely in the field of immigration and nationality law. She has nearly three decades of experience representing domestic and international companies with issues concerning foreign national employees and business immigration matters. She provides strategic counseling to clients on issues such as employment policies for a foreign national workforce, management of work authorization and immigrant visa "green card" process, and development of compliance programs. Ms. Merritt has successfully challenged the federal government's interpretation of immigration law in a number of matters and writes and lectures frequently on developing issues in immigration law. Her extensive immigration experience includes in-depth knowledge of procedural developments at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, US Customs and Border Protection, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (formerly within the INS) to help business clients comply with stringent federal responsibilities. She has a high level of expertise in conducting workplace audits of employment verification documentation and compliance with regulations governing work authorization of foreign national workers. Reach Nancy-Jo at
Valley Famous Dave's in Chandler at 3250 West Frye Road
Peoria at 16148 North 83rd Avenue
MesaRiverview in Mesa at 1011 Dobson Road
Gilbert at SanTan Village at 2206 East Williams Field Road.
2-3 lb Sirloin Tri-Tip
½ cup Brown Sugar
½ cup Famous Dave's Brisket Rub
Salt, sugar, paprika, spices, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, molasses
1 Tablespoon Black Pepper
Hickory wood
Texas Pit Horseradish Sauce
Famous Dave's Texas Pit BBQ Sauce, prepared Horseradish, honey
Seasoning and Smoking
Place Sirloin Tri-Tip on cutting board fat side up. Trim to 1/4" of fat evenly
Remove all Fat and silver skin from the Underside of the Tri-Tip
Firmly rub half(1/4 cup) of the brown sugar into the meat, covering the whole surface of the Tri-Tip
Firmly rub half(1/4 cup) of the Brisket Rub into the meat, covering brown sugar coating
Sprinkle seasoned Tri-Tip with 1½ teaspoon black pepper and press it into the rest of the rub
Flip the Tri-Tip over to reveal the top, or fat side, and repeat
***Smoke with fat-side up
*Fat side up allows the Tri-Tip to stay moist
Smoke for 1½ hours at 225 to 250 degrees, or until internal temperature reaches 125°-130°
*For more well done meat cook until 140° for medium or 150° for medium well 
Place Smoked Tri-Tip on grill fat side down. Grill 2-3 minutes or until fat is bubbling. Flip.
Grill for additional 2-3 minutes. Slather fat side with Texas Pit Horseradish sauce. Flip.
Grill 1-2 minutes or until sauce is caramelized. Slather with sauce. Flip.
Grill 1-2 minutes or until sauce is caramelized.
Let rest for 30-45 minutes at 170°
*Letting the meat rest will lock in the juices
Slice the Tri-Tip against the grain in 1/8" strips
*If you slice with the grain, the meat will be chewy and not as tender
2 cups Famous Dave's Texas Pit BBQ Sauce
1 tablespoon prepared Horseradish
½ cup honey
Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl
Blend well with wire whip
2 oz Strawberry Puree
2 slices of Angel Food Cake
Whipped Cream
2 tablespoons Fresh Blueberries
Strawberry Slice
Pour Strawberry puree in bowl
Shingle cake on top of puree
Place 1 tablespoon of Blueberries on each side of shingled cake
Top with Whipped cream and Strawberry slice