Crash witness talks to Fox 11

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Wednesday's tragic crash of the medical helicopter in the area just north of the University of Arizona attracted a lot of attention. And one man who saw it happen documented it all with a camera.

Dayle Gray carries his camera with him everywhere.  And Wednesday he was one of the first people to see LifeNet 12 before and after it crashed, "My first instinct was to go and try to help."

But there was nothing he could do.

Dayle's business is around the corner from where the helicopter went down.

He's used to hearing them fly over on a daily basis, but Wednesday he knew something wasn't right, "All of a sudden I hear a few pops, pop, pop, pop! like that.  And then nothing, the copter noise was gone. It was pretty eerie silent actually."

His camera caught some of the first responders putting out the fire, and then the desperate search for survivors.

He filmed as fire fighters surrounded an ejected body in a near-by front yard and prepared to pull another out from under the body of the helicopter.

That's when his adrenline wore off and reality set in, "After a few minutes of watching you realize these are people's family's. This isn't going to be a good outcome. If you're human, it kind of starts to get to you."

He'll always carry with him the memories of the crash, with or without images his camera captured.