Valley woman says she paid hundreds for kids furniture she never got

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A Valley woman says she paid for a kids custom sofa but she never got it.

Chayla Kloog said her oldest son used to have a kids sofa and really enjoyed it so she decided to get one for her youngest.

When a 3 On Your side producer finally caught up with Angella Mankel at her Casa Grande home, she wasn't very happy to see us. Well, Kloog isn’t too happy and says she's been trying to find Mankel for a year.

"It's now been just over a year and she doesn't return my phone calls or my e-mails and I haven't received a refund for my $265 and I haven't received the couch set," Kloog said.

According to Kloog, she was on craigslist last year when she came across Mankel's ad claiming to be in the business of making kids' custom sofas. Kloog said she paid Mankel $265 to make a child-size custom sofa similar to one that her older son used to have. 

Kloog said she used PayPal to pay Mankel the $265 and then waited for the sofa to be made. But after getting the money, Kloog said she never heard from Mankel again.

"She stopped returning my phone calls and my e-mails," Kloog said. "If it was $30 I would let it go, but it's almost $300 and that's a lot of money for me and my family."

Mankel acknowledged that she never made Kloog's couch or returned her money because she's been sick.

"I almost died from it, I spent a year in bed, they didn't know what was wrong," Mankel said.

But what about paying Kloog back?

When asked if she had the money to refund to Kloog, Mankel said, "I don't, that's why I need to discuss it with her."

And with that, Mankel didn't want to talk anymore. Kloog said she's heard the excuses before and now hopes Mankel returns her money.

"For us it could make us or break us, because as a single parent, as a social worker I don't make a lot of money," Kloog said.

Mankel told Kloog she will be sending her the money next week. We'll do a follow-up story and let you know if Mankel does in fact follow through.