Sheriff Arpaio moves forward with crime suppression sweep

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PHOENIX - Even though it's a watered-down version of SB 1070 that went into effect today, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is moving forward with another crime suppression sweep targeting illegal immigrants.

The sheriff announced the sweep several weeks ago and didn't deny his motives for planning the operation the same day SB 1070 went into effect.

Deputies handled civil disobedience at the state Capitol and at the sheriff's downtown headquarters on Washington, along with at the 4th Avenue jail.

News of protesters blocking the jail's entrance prompted Arpaio to interrupt a press conference that was intended to kick off the sweep.

As of 7 p.m. on Thursday sheriff's deputies had made 30 arrests. That number includes 23 who were arrested for blocking a public walkway and another 7 arrested for open warrants or other charges.