Monsoon damage in Green Valley

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Monsoon rains dumped a lot of water over the Green Valley area, road and utility workers were hard at work Tuesday night, while residents loved the moisture.

A soggy day in Sahuarita... and residents revelled in it, "I like to go jump in the puddles and go run out in the rain."

"It breaks up the day from the heat and it's important for our garden."

From the looks of things, many motorists had trouble with the downpour.

The storm flooded streets and in some areas, brought traffic to a standstill.  With law enforcement manning some intersections after the lights went out, "We moved here form south dakota so being out of the snow, rain's nothing."

Despite problems on the road, the rain did not keep some people from running their daily errands. "You get all these predictions and then it fizzles out and then all of a sudden when they say it's not going to rain it rains so we got a good rain out of this."

If the wet weather didn't put a damper on their day, the lack of electricity might have done the trick. The storm knocked down a power pole at pima mine road, prompting some people in the area to turn to some old fashioned rainy day entertainment.

"Playing board games with my brothers and doing stuff like that."

You can get the latest closure information by calling one of three hotlines.  For Pima County the number is 547-7510. For Pinal County the number is 866-6078.  For state-wide information dial 511.