Several dozen people stung after swarm of bees attack in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. – People at a south side apartment complex in Tucson had an unwelcomed encounter with a swarm of bees Tuesday night.

Tucson firefighters say bees stung several dozen people at the San Mateo apartments on the 2800 block of south Mission Road including residents, young children and a few firefighters.

Tucson firefighters found the beehive in an abandoned couch in a desert area just north of the apartment.
Firefighters say the bees became angry when a group of young children started poking at the hive.

Capt. Tom Matthew, with the Tucson Fire Department, explains, “There were reports of small children getting bit, but as far as I know at this time, we did not transport anybody to the hospital some people might have gone on their own, but we didn't transport anybody to the hospital.”

Firefighters say they destroyed the hive and many of the bees with foam. They also say some bees will fly around with the hive destroyed but should eventually die.