Private companies can help fill state void on furlough days

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If you tried to do just about any business with the State of Arizona Friday, you were out of luck. The vast majority of state offices were closed as employees were ordered to take the first of 12 furlough days over the next year. It's all designed to save money.

Nearly 30,000 state workers are getting a three day weekend, thanks to our budget woes.

Friday was the first of 12 state furloughs. The unpaid days off are supposed to save the state about $20M, but they come at a price.

The MVD is just one of many state offices affected by the furlough and customers aren't too happy about it, "I'm a little bit annoyed, disappointed you could say. Cause I traveled 15 miles to get here."

Many people knew something about the furloughs, but they weren't sure which offices were impacted.

There are, however, private companies offering the same services. "We do registration renewels, title transfers, mobile home titles, level inspections pretty much everything the MVD issues," says Lee Ann Westerman.

And after being greeted with locked doors at the MVD, several people checked out this authorized a party. An extra step, but it got the job done.

The next state "Furlough Friday" is scheduled for August 20.