Tucson is too wet for necessary burn

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Who knew water could be Tucson Water's enemy. A routine procedure that was supposed to light one of their water basin's on fire was canceled Monday because of too much moisture from the recent rains.

"This area right here is about 3.3 acres," says Terry Miley of Tucson Water

Along the west bank of the Santa Cruz River sits recharge basin number one, but right now it's barely visible.

"This is the only recharge basin we've had to burn the weeds off," says Miley.

Every year, Tucson Water will light up the basin with fire, so water collected during the monsoon will be soaked up instead of flowing onto the streets. But all the vegetation prevents the basin from doing it's job. Herbicides wouldn't do the trick because of the multiple layers, Fire does the trick.

"We were supposed to start the burn this morning, but even if the flames hit it wouldn't do much to the weeds," says Miley.

Because of all the moisture in the air and recent rain, The weeds are too healthy to die. "The weeds are too wet, the ground is too wet and nothing would happen," Miley explains.

But not all hope is lost, instead of using fire, they'll be using this thing instead.  "We're going to up root the weeds, stress the plants and hopefully in about 3 or 4 days come back and start the burn."

Sometimes having too much moisture and rain is a bad thing.

Miley tells us if the weather holds up and the precipitation goes down.  They should be able to start the burning process by the end of the week.