Tucsonans have option for saving on trash collection

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If you're looking to cut down your home expenses, try down-sizing your trash can. The City of Tucson is offering ways you can start saving.

Paying higher trash fees might feel like a waste, now you can do something about it.

"If they want to switch to a smaller size they just need to call customer service."

City Environmental Services Department is giving Tucsonans more options. Following a recent rate hike-- a standard 95-gallon bin now runs $16.75 a month. But now customers can order a 65-gallon bin for $16, or a 48-gallon bin for $15.

"People in this neighborhood are trying to decide if it's really worth it to put less in here and keep more in their pockets."

"Absolutely save a few dollars like I say we don't go through that much trash."

"I looked at it and then saw how much less the bins held for how little was taken off the bill and decided that I'd stay with the same."

But environmental services tells us downsizing isn't always the way to go.

About 3,000 customers have ordered smaller bins-- not all were satisfied, "We are however seeing a few people who are calling back saying not quite big enough."

Still an overwhelming number of people are making the switch.

So much so that the agency ran out of small bins. You can still place your order-- and the lower rate is effective once you make the call.

Some of the residents we spoke to said they are making an effort to recycle more materials.