Voter registration; Rest areas re-open; Reinvestment Act signs; Buffelgrass sparying; Super-heroes visit Tucson park

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The registration deadline for the August 24 primary election was midnight Monday night.



It maybe a sign of the times, rest stops along side Arizona's highways are re-opening. Including Canoa ranch on I-19 on the southbound side, which opened today. The stop is the last rest area before Nogales, Arizona. ADOT says, by next week five previously closed rest areas will be in operation and four more in the fall.


New signs are going up near Drexel Road and I-10. Crews were out early this morning putting up digital messaging signs over the free way. The project is being funded by the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. More signs are going up on I-10 near 4th Avenue and Valencia Road.


Residents were invited to hear more about plans to spray chemicals in the Tucson Mountain Park area, but no one showed.

The Pima County Natural Resources Department was set to have a meeting discuss spraying to kill buffelgrass. The meeting was canceled-- but a spokesperson described the need for aerial spraying, "So this is about places that people cant go really well to control buffelgrass yet the buffelgrass has completely taken over the native vegetation so we're going to go in and use a common herbicide."

So far, another public meeting has not been scheduled. The test project is set to begin August 16.


A big marijuana growing operation busted near Houghton and I-10. U.S. Marshals executed a search warrant on this home, and they ended up finding more than 800 marijuana plants.

They took the resident into custody. The marshals still haven't released any details on the case.


The popular white rhino at the Reid Park Zoo has died. "Zibulo" was 37-years-old. He'd been living at the zoo since 1976 when he arrived from the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

The Tucson Zoo says the rhino had suffered health problems related to his old age.

Rhinos typically live about 40 years in captivity.


It was a good day to be a kid especially if you like super heroes. A group called the Arizona Avengers surprised the kids at Freedom Park Monday afternoon. Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spider-man all made it down from the groups base in Phoenix.  They put the kids through super hero training and took tons of pictures with the young ones.