Tucson born romantic-comedy getting ready to wrap

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Forget about Hollywood's glitz and glamor. An up and coming romantic comedy features a cast, crew, and set who are all from Tucson.

Lights, camera, "action!"

For the past month the Sheraton hotel on grant road has turned into the makeshift movie set of "Twin Brides." It's a film about a movie star who's seeing two men at one time, who decides to hire an impersonator to help manage both relationships.

"It's kind of like a combination between There's Something About Mary and American Pie," First time film writer-producer Billie Brannock of Tucson is a novelist who says the idea suddenly came to her one night, so she started writing.

"It's been mayhem, crazy, fun, exciting," says Brannock.

From a Marilyn Monroe, "Happy birthday Mr. President."

To an Italian Stallion, "My name is Sergio Vivaldi. Very nice to meet you. Can I shake your hand? Do u mind?"

It's a cast and crew of about 60; some Tucsonans who responded to an actors wanted ad on Craigslist, others professional actors.

"It's been really good. There has been a great bunch of people to work with," says the film's Marilyn Monroe, Laura Fresso.

Despite the 6 days a week, 12 hours a day schedule, the crew says when the shoot wraps up, their hard work will pay off.

"It's been harried. It's been a little tough. But I'm sure the outcome is going to be wonderful," says Fresso.

"I'm hoping everyone will go out and watch it," says Brannock.

The crew should wrap up shooting this week. Then the film will be distributed world-wide on DVD and should be out in select theaters around Christmas time.