Arizona soccer star thought to be killed in car crash is alive

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PHOENIX - The Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office is offering their condolences to the families of two young women who were killed in a crash after discovering there had been a mix-up and a woman they thought had been killed was actually alive.

Abby Guerra, 19, who plays soccer with the University of Evansville in Indiana was thought to be dead until the medical examiner's office discovered the mix-up on Saturday.

Guerra was involved in a car crash as she and a group of friends returned from a trip to California on July 18. It was Guerra's friend, 21-year-old Marlena Cantu, who actually died in the crash.

Investigators with the medical examiner's office report that, while at the scene, they classified the young lady who died as "unidentified." The office then requested dental records for Guerra who was the only occupant who had not been identified at the time. The postmortem examination took place on Friday.

The dental records determined the following day that the deceased woman was not Guerra. A fingerprint comparison was done on the female patient previously identified as Cantu that revealed that the woman was indeed Guerra.

On Sunday representatives with the medical examiner's office met with Cantu's family and on Sunday they positively identified the deceased person as Cantu.

Guerra is a nursing major and this fall was scheduled to start her sophomore year.