Elderly woman killed in red-light running crash in Phoenix

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PHOENIX – A 71-year-old woman is dead and others are injured after a collision at 59th Avenue and Indian School Road.

The crash happened Saturday afternoon and shut the road down for hours.

3TV’s Tyler Baldwin spoke to the family who survived the crash and say their condolences go out to the family that lost someone special.

Looking over the deadly crash Juan Velazquez admits he cannot believe his sister survived. “The first thing that came out of her mouth was ‘God helped me’."

Juan's sister, Laura Velazquez, was carpooling to work at Chase bank with a friend.

They were driving northbound on 59th Avenue when, according to witnesses, an elderly woman driving a white pick-up heading west on Indian School ran the red light.

Juan tells 3TV, “It’s been hard on my sister. She feels responsible but there was nothing that she could have done."

The passenger in the grey car hurt her head and broke a rib or two but is expected to be okay. Laura Velazquez walked away with nothing but scraped knees. Her brother tells 3TV God was looking out for his sister. "That’s all that happened. God was with my sister. In that moment of the accident she called God's name and telling him to help."

The investigation is still ongoing but it does not look like alcohol was a factor in the wreck nor was speed.

The 71-year-old woman’s name has not being released because her family has not been notified.