Casa Grande woman thought she got a sweet deal until the bills started coming

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When you sign a contract you are supposed to read over it closely, and that is exactly what a Casa Grande woman says she did. She examined the contract and liked what it said, so she signed it.

"I can remember being a little kid, and this is all I wanted to do, I came from a family of hair dressers, salon owners." Amanda Roethle's dream came true when she became the owner of a hair salon in Casa Grande. "It's my passion, this is my life. I am here all the time; my husband thinks I love hair more than him!"

However, with owning a business comes the hard work of keeping up-to-date with technology. "To be high-tech you need to be able to accept debit and credit cards."

So when a new credit card processing merchant approached Amanda about using their services, she thought it would be a great way of cutting costs while also making things more convenient for her customers.

"I had a credit card processing company for three years when Merchant Lynx approached me, they told me they had a better system." Amanda says she liked what Merchant Lynx Services offered and liked that they gave her a contract with a lot of the fees eliminated for switching credit card processing companies.

Amanda says she also really liked that there was no early termination fee if she wanted to cancel. "I would have no application fees, no additional fees. I specifically asked them, "there's not going to be any hidden fees I don't know about is there?" and he said, "No."

However, Amanda says, months later, she is stuck with fees. Two $75 application fees as well as many other additional fees that are adding up quickly and she says she has no idea why.

"I have been with Merchant Lynx since February and since then I have racked up almost $1,000 in fees and that's not including any bank fees that I have gotten." With her bank account spiraling out of control, Amanda says she was getting the run around, and that is when she decided to contacted 3 On Your Side. "I am angry and frightened, this is my business, this is my life."

3 On Your Side contacted Merchant Lynx Services, and as a result, it flew out two regional managers to talk face-to-face with Amanda and to fix her problem. To make sure she's happy, they decided to refund her the entire thousand dollars in fees, fees she says shouldn't have been there to begin with.

Merchant Lynx says there was a communication mix up on their end, which caused the problem to get out of hand. But of course, we thank them for taking care of it for us and for Amanda