Mixed feelings in Sun City about public charter school opening

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SUN CITY, Ariz. – Sun City residents say they are bracing for some new part-time residents.

The 55-and-over town is all abuzz because kids are coming.

For five decades now Sun City has been a senior living community. They can and will kick you out if you are under 55 years old but one person wants to start bringing in kids by the bus load.

Sun City is a community known for its golf carts, not school buses yet there were two of them there that will supposedly start shipping kids there next month.

The owner of Youngtown Public Charter School is only moving his church and school about a mile down the road but crossing the border from Youngtown into Sun City has residents up in arms.

Bill Szentmiklosi, with the Sun City Homeowners Association, says, “This is a very emotional item for them."

There are no school taxes in Sun City and it has been decades since they were a part of a school district. However, due to recent legislation, the charter school is allowed to set up shop within Sun City limits.

Szentmiklosi explains, “If this school was successful in moving in, school taxes would not be applicable."

3TV got a mixed reaction from neighbors. Although the owner of the school has every right to be in Sun City there is a “stop work order” on the front door.

According to the Homeowners Association, the owner and the principal have had a problem filling out the proper paperwork.

Someone under the age of 19 cannot stay in Sun City for more than 90 days a year.