Monsoon safety practices often ignored

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It's taken a while, but it looks like the monsoon is finally in full force. And as we all know, they can be very dangerous. But hanging out in some places even when it's not raining can be a problem.

Washes and rilliots can be popular places during the summer for joggers and pet walkers, but during the monsoon.

"The water comes from the mountains and if youre down in that wash a wall of water can come rushing in a matter of seconds," says Captain Trish Tracy of the Tucson Fire Department.

But just because it's clear down in the wash, doesn't mean it is higher up.

"Stay away from and out of the washes during the monsoon season," continues Captain Tracy.

But too often, those warnings are not followed.

Now fire fighters say the first thing you should do is obviously call 911 if you see someone caught in the rillito during a monsoon, but tell that person when youre talking to them to hold on to anything that they can and you yourself seek higher ground so you dont get pulled in also

Fire fighters prepare for these scenarios all year, so, when summer time rolls around, they're ready to go.

For patients that are not too critically injured and possibly standing on the roof of a vehicle we can use our rescue ring.

A big piece of our swift water rescue is our throw bags, we have 75-feet of rope, we can stand and throw our throw bag out to the victim from the shore.

For patients that may be critically injured we can do a spokes basket rescue.

The guys from station seven have yet to use the equipment on anyone this year, but they know the time will come.

"The only way to really be profeisicnat at what we do is drill, practice, that way we're prepared when its time for the real thing."

Even though they stress the importance of staying away from these during the monsoon, someone always seems to miss those warnings.