Law enforcement busy preparing for 1070

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We are now just one week away from Arizona's new immigration law going into effect. And law enforcement agencies are busy preparing for it.

Wednesday, more than 20 Pima County Sheriff's deputies took part in the mandatory training to learn how to properly enforce SB 1070. Training consists of watching a 90-minute video, followed by a question and answer session with the legal counsel of the sheriff's department.

Each of the agency's 512 deputies will have to complete the training by next Wednesday. The law requires officers to ask people's immigration status provided they have reasonable suspicion to believe they're here illegally.

Two challenges to SB 1070 are set to go before a U.S. District judge tomorrow. Lawyers representing the federal government and the ACLU will seek an order to keep the law from taking effect July 29.

So far, seven lawsuits have been filed against the measure. That could keep the court busy for years.