Monsoon storm damage in southern Arizona and flooding in Flagstaff

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Some wicked weather made being outside somewhat dangerous depending on where you were Wednesday.

It can be really dangerous during the monsoon, so you do need to be careful when driving during a thunderstorm, especially when it comes to driving through washes.  

On the far northwest side near Marana, a sheriff's deputy was driving eastbound on Manville road and pulled over for a few minutes when it started raining hard. The next thing he knew, power poles fell onto his patrol car, and trapped him.

Thousands of customers lost power in the Avra Valley -- Picture Rocks area. And, there were isolated outages across Pima County.

Some of those outages didn't last very long. And the deputy that was trapped made it out safely. He went back to work not too long after the accident happened.

There's a lesson to be learned from what happened to him.

"Best place to stay is inside of that car versus getting out where it's wet where the power lines are laying and there's a very big potential for being electrocuted," says Sgt. David Rodriguez of the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Certain areas got hit hard. But, according to some witnesses, it was raining hard, but only for about 15, 20-minutes.

Governor Jan Brewer declared an emergency in Coconino county Wednesday in response to massive floods in Flagstaff.  That frees up $200,000 in funding to help cover public cleanup costs.

Waters swamped three neighborhoods located just outside the burn area left by the Schultz fire last month.

A 12-year-old girl died after getting swept away.