Valley painter says he is owed lots of money but having difficulty collecting

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A valley painter says he is owed a lot of money, but he is having a difficult time collecting.

A licensed mom and pop business run by a valley man and his is having a hard time getting paid for one of their jobs.

Francisco Buendia and his wife Josefina take great pride in their small, family owned painting business. Francisco says, "I put all my heart in this job, this is what I do and I love what I am doing."

His wife Josefina says, "We treat people with the respect that we want to be treated with." Josefina says they show that respect with their good business practices. "No money upfront, not even for supplies, not until the job is done."

That is exactly what they did for W.S. Builders Incorporated, a company that hired Francisco to do a paint job so they could sell a condo in a Tempe high rise. Francisco says he painted the condo and didn't expect his $2,000 payment until the job was finished, just like with all his jobs.

The painting was finished back in March, yet the couple still has not been paid. "We went in, did the job, expected to get paid as soon as we were finished and we waited and waited and still waiting," says Josefina.

Josefina says she called them several times asking when they would be paid, and then finally after getting a hold of W.S. Builders, she got some bad news. "They couldn't pay us until the condo itself sold and they closed on it," Josefina says.

However, according to their contract it specifically stated that payment would be received in full upon completion. So, that is when Josefina contacted 3 On Your Side. Josefina says, "money talks and unfortunately we don't have the money to have the lawyers talk for us or anybody, so we figured Gary Harper would be able to help us."

3 On Your Side contacted W.S. Builders, which said that once the condo sold the bank would pay Josefina and Francisco. After reminding W.S. Builders about the contract that stated they would be paid in full when the job was done, they changed their minds and sent Josefina and her husband a check for the full $2,000.

"I knew it wouldn't have been possible without your intervention, I'm so happy that I did call. Gary Harper's great," says Josefina. As difficult as it was to get paid, Francisco and his wife told 3 On Your Side they will still keep their policy of no payment until the job is done.