Cooking with 5 ingredients -- Crme Brle

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PHOENIX --If you're looking to make an impressive dessert, crème brûlée is a great way to go.

As Jackie MacCannell, a pastry chef and instructor at Classic Cooking Academy, shows Kaley O'Kelley, you only need five ingredients. And a torch.

2 cups cream
1/4 cup sugar
4 egg yolks
Pinch kosher salt
1/2 tsp. pure vanilla

Mix yolks, sugar and vanilla and salt. Bring cream to a boil. Temper eggs with cream (add the hot cream slowly while stirring the eggs so they do not curdle). Strain, pour into ramekins. Put ramekins on a cookie sheet and put in oven. Add water into the bottom of the cookie sheet filling it halfway up the side of the ramekins. Bake at 300 degrees at least 40 minutes or until custard is "set." Right before serving, sprinkle with sugar and use a torch to caramelize sugar. Top with berries if desired.