Lightning causes house fire in North Tucson

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Monday night's storm caused all kinds of damage across Tucson. Power lines were split in half, tree's were blown over, And The lightning show almost split one house in two.

When your house is up high, you're relatively safe from the floods, but not from the storms that come first.

"The damage from the brick facade you see behind me and the bricks we found out front on the drive way, we knew something happened."

Something happened alright, neighbors of this house near river and first tell us they woke up last night to something very loud. But when they went to check it out, they saw nothing to explain the deafening noise, until a couple hours later when the smoldering strike lit the master bedroom on fire.

"A little after 5 this morning we received a 911 report from the neighbor of this home indicating he had seen smoke coming from the front windows."

Mother nature can get nasty sometimes. And even though it provides an amazing show in the night sky...

"Evidence the investigators were able to find here, we concluded the fire was caused by a lightning strike to the roof area."

No one was home because the owners are in Canada right now. The house is their winter get-a-way. Repairs are already underway this morning to fix 80,000 dollars worth of damage.

"Mother nature is random and by hitting this house and I don't think you can pin point one specific reason this house was struck other than its mother nature."

Seeking shelter during a lightning storm is fire fighters first advice.

"If the residents were home there's a very good chance they would have been uninjured... They would have been awoken by the sound, been able to flee the fire, so they would have been safe."

And even though this home came under attack Monday night, it's still the safest place to be.

The storm last night knocked out power to thousands of residents also. Most of the electricity is back on, But at one time, almost 4000 customers were without power.