Chandler man facing eye damage from water balloon

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If you're walking home in mid-July, your biggest concern is probably the heat.

But one Phoenix-area man found himself in the hospital facing permanent eye damage because of a water balloon.

When 27-year-old Kevin Coggin started his walk home from a birthday party Friday night. He didn't know he would end up in the hospital, or with eye damage that may be permanent. But when a passenger in a vehicle going 60 M.P.H. threw a water balloon at him, he knew his injury was serious.

"I saw the object come from the window but it was going so fast before i had a chance to register it, you know, it impacted my face. I, uh, instantly dropped to my knees and i thought to myself oh my god i just lost my eye," says Kevin Coggin.

Coggin, who is paying medical bills for two CT scans, emergency surgery, and medication, doesn't see anything funny about this prank.

...And neither do Chandler police.  "There's a lot of charges that could be looked into, depending on, you know, what the investigation reveals. At minimum, we would have assault, um, on these individuals," says Detective Frank Mendoza.

Police have no leads, but Coggin has a message to the pranksters.

"This is a very serious incident, you know, this is aggravated assault. And I'd like to say to them if they would like to come forward of their own free will and try to make this right, I will see to it that the authorities take that into consideration."

According to Coggin, the car the balloon came from was a light-colored sedan. He was hit Friday night near Ray Road and McClintock around 11:30.

If you have any information, contact the Chandler Police Department.