6 People homeless after fire at Mesa apartment complex

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MESA – An apartment complex fire in Mesa forces residents out of their homes.

The blaze broke out Monday evening near Brown and Horne in north Mesa.

3TV’s Jared Dillingham spoke to the woman who lives in the unit where the fire started and she says she got out with only her laptop and her dog.

She and five of her neighbors are homeless as a result of the fire that destroyed one end of the complex.
Investigators say fire walls were the only thing that kept the fire from spreading to other buildings of the complex.

The woman in the apartment where the flames first erupted says she had food on the stove when two missionaries knocked on her door. She says she spend 10 minutes talking to them at the door and then noticed that her entire kitchen was on fire and the flames were spreading fast.

Capt. Forrest Smith, with the Mesa Fire Department, says, “There were no firefighter injuries, fortunately, our crews have been really persistent with making sure they stay hydrated so as far as any hydration issues, heat issues, everyone is doing fine.”

The Mesa fire crews set up a rehab station set up to help them cool off and also took water for the evacuated residents.

The Red Cross and neighbors are helping those people who were left homeless by the blaze.