Catholic Church reacing out to African immigrants in Tucson

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The Catholic Church is reaching out to African immigrants to help them adjust to their new lives. The goal is to bring a piece of home into the church.

Mass at Saint Cyril of Alexandria parish sounded different Saturday onight.

The sermon was delivered in several languages.

And the ceremony was filled with song and dance. The mass celebrated a visit by the national association of African catholics in the united states.

"You may have some who are refugees.  You may have some who are exiles.  You may have some who are naturalized citizens.  Those needs may be overlooked."

The group goes around the country urging local clergy to create a welcoming path for African catholics-- some who have left their countries in troubled times.

"It is difficult because definitely most of them don't speak English and they have to find friends," David Kadiri recently formed the African Catholic Community in Tucson to help African immigrants overcome their obstacles.

He says the church experience is key, "We shout and raise the roof and praise you know so that you are always in the spirit when you do this."

Outside there is a clash of languages and cultures, but with a taste of the familiar-- Kadiri says a life far from home, becomes even more attainable.

The African Catholic Community in Tucson has existed for about a year now and includes about 50 members. They recently started a choir that sings music spanning a handful of languages.